The Best URL Shortening Tools For 2019

The undeniable truth about URL shorteners is that they can help marketers and affiliate network managers to earn more money online. A good URL shortener can improve the browsing experience on a commercial website. The best URL shorteners will help the users to remember the links instead of manually copy and paste it to a new browser.

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The best URL Shorteners for 2019

2019 represents a dramatic change for people using a URL shortener. What used to be the world’s favourite URL shortener is no longer available. Google decided to shut down its URL shortening service The reason behind the discontinuation of is related to a more significant transition towards a new service called Firebase Dynamic links. Google Dynamic Links will shape the future of link building and contextual linking between websites. Because the internet is a combination of content and links, shifting to a proprietary dynamic link system will change the foundation of the internet forever and will anchor Google’s hegemony over other search engines and competitors. Dynamic links will allow Google to understand link relationships better while keeping competitors blind.

Despite the discontinuation of, there are still a good number of URL shortening tools that you can use. Here are some of the best URL shortening tools that you can use in 2019:

  • – In 2019, when thinking of URL shorteners, one of the most trusted names would have to be You’ve probably seen it out there already. You can easily shorten URLs by just pasting the links into their free tool. From there, you can instantly copy and paste the link as much as you like.
  • TinyURL – Another URL shortening tool that has been around for quite some time is TinyURL. TinyURL allows you to shorten and customise your URLs for free. You can add TinyURL to your browser toolbar for Mozilla users and as a Google Chrome Extension. If speed is what you need, TinyURL is the best tool for you.
  • – Go further and use your links in social media with a click of a button. was a free tool just like TinyURL and, Now it is a part of the dominant social media management platform Hootsuite. If you are using shortened URLs in social media, and Hootsuite are your best option for 2019.

Key Takeaway for 2019

While is discontinuing its URL shortening services, there is still a good variety of high-quality URL shortening tools available. Please refrain from using open source and shoddy websites. URL shorteners are a convenient tool but also come with a risk. If you have questions about SEO tools or SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.